The Best Book I Read in 2016

A Tom Stoppard play is a bit of a strange choice for my 2nd annual Best Book I Read post, being that I hardly even glance at plays, or even attend the theater much—certainly not as much as I’d like. But nothing I read this year bowled me over like Arcadia did. (Well, there was one other book, but […]

The Best Book I Read in 2015

I hardly finished any books last year, at least compared to 2014, 2013, and 2012, because I didn’t keep track before then. My reading pace has definitely slowed from its grad-school zenith, but I also just gave up on a bunch of books—even pretty great stuff, like Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall (I caved and watched the […]

Review: “Master of None,” Season 1

I’ve never had anything against Aziz Ansari, though until recently I wouldn’t have called myself a fan. He got a ton of acclaim for his character on Parks and Rec, Tom Haverford, which made sense; good-hearted scallawags tend to click with people. Plus it helps that Ansari has the useful comedic skill of making self-deprecation look […]